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LiveU helps to capture the news and events that define brand development and broadcast it live to your customers. Our portable video transmission solutions allow a greater level of engagement with consumers and stakeholders, giving an in depth view of your initiatives.
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Live Shows

  • Broadcast live web shows that showcase your product offering, feature artists performing live under your sponsorship, or produce live online shows that revolve around your brand. All this while viewers can engage in real time via social media.
  • For enterprises, LiveU is an excellent medium for streaming live training sessions, keynote speeches by executives, earnings briefings, panels, and more.
  • For video commercials or ad photoshoots produced in remote locations, LiveU allows the executives back in the office to monitor the production and provide feedback in real time.

LiveU delivers on the promise of the Internet as a platform for live video streaming. By bonding multiple 3G, 4G, and other data connections, the LiveU uplink devices allow transmission of broadcast-quality video from anywhere, even on the move. Moreover, LiveU frees your web streaming from Ethernet dependency, and provides a substantially more stable and robust solution than utilizing a single aircard or Wi-Fi connections.

Enhancing the Brand

Roaming videographers equipped with a portable LiveU backpack and a camera can cover various types of brand and corporate-related activities. Live video can be streamed on the brand's website or social network pages.

Field Production Flexibility

In addition to direct camera inputs and on-the-move feeds, LiveU can also support inputs from a variety of field editing and switching devices, and therefore support multi-camera productions and real-time field editing.

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