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Connect with hundreds of potential clients. View hundreds of interesting assignments. Get SMS or email alerts so you won’t miss any opportunities. Deliver the content using LiveU equipment.

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Broadcasters post hundreds of assignments that you might find of interest - Just like these:
How Does it Work?

Once registered on the LiveU Community Platform, the majority of TV stations worldwide will be given your professional profile. These broadcasters post hundreds of assignments that might interest you – for which you can apply and deliver the content using LiveU. To make sure you don’t miss any opportunities while out and about, our service can even send you SMS or email alerts.

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Register on our LiveU Community platform for free for an introductory period of 6 months. This will expose you to hundreds of potential customers, including registration to Assignments

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About LiveU Community Program

LiveU’s Community Program connects video professionals and service providers with hundreds of top broadcasting networks around the world, using LiveU technology.


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