LiveU International Roaming
With presence in over 60 countries, LiveU supports its customers at a variety of global events whenever and wherever they occur.


Whether at the Beijing Olympics, Vancouver Winter Olympics, South Africa World Cup, NZ Rugby World Cup, Chilean Mine Rescue, President Obama trip to Asia, G20 Summits, Greece Labor Protests, or a variety of other global events, LiveU customers consistently utilize its solutions for international coverage. LiveU customers can either rent units in international destinations from our vast network of distributors, or obtain LiveU units that are specifically designed to work across multiple countries.

Event-Based Global Service

LiveU's international distribution enables end-users to turn up at events without having to bring their LiveU broadcasting equipment with them. Our local partner supplies the video uplink unit at the venue, hotel, or other location, ready to transmit the event on the spot, with the highest quality live video transmission, resiliency, and stability. With our worldwide network of partners, TV broadcasters and online media organizations can cover any event, 365 days of the year, with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. The unit can be rented at the location as required and used together with local production vans for mobile video distribution or mobile vehicle production.


LiveU's integrated backpack can also be used inside satellite newsgathering (SNG) trucks for big sporting events, for example, giving teams the flexibility to use cost-effectve cellular technology, and satellite technology only when necessary. In fixed destinations, reporting teams can switch between satellite newsgathering and the LiveU backpack.

Automatic Roaming Unit

LiveU offers an automatic roaming unit, ready for operation across multiple countries, right out of the box. For example, across Europe, users can operate the same LiveU unit in different countries without running into any local telecom service related hassles or additional roaming charges. This enables our customers to respond quickly to regional events, with no delays.

Built-in Roaming Unit

As an additional option, LiveU offers our customers the ability to use their own units when roaming, by simply obtaining their own local SIM cards at the international destination and easily adding them to their LiveU unit. LiveU can also recommend the optimal cellular resources to be used in each destination.

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