LU70 Mark B
LU70 Series
Professional-Grade Transmission System with Strong Resiliency

LiveU's LU70 series offers the cellular-based live video uplink solution for global broadcasters proprietary internal and external antenna arrays, offering satellite-like resiliency on-the-move and in heavily crowded locations. 

Simultaneous Bonding

LiveU’s LU70 is the professional-grade cellular-based live video uplink solution for global broadcasters offering high resiliency on the move. The LU70 bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi modems simultaneously, supporting the growing range of cellular network bands worldwide.

Linux-Based Processing 

The newly optimized LU70L is ready to go live in under a minute.  The LU70L is fully compatible with LU-Central, our management and monitoring system in the cloud, and includes professional features, such as One-Touch-Live (LiveU OTL™) mode with automatic adjustment of video resolutions for fast and easy live video transmission; and higher quality encoding throughput for even better video quality.


External Connectivity

Wireless connectivity to the new external antenna array provides additional resiliency for extreme scenarios. With its optional roof-mounted antenna array, LiveU’s LU70 facilitates a trailblazing new mobile newsgathering (MNG) vehicle, offering wider opportunities for breaking news and events coverage, with faster set-up time and a lower overhead than traditional satellite trucks.

For more information about LiveU's cellular-based uplink architecture, please visit our Technology page.


Resolutions 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 720p25/30, D1, Half D1, CIF
Hardware Interfaces SDI, HDMI, Analog (composite, component, S-Video),  DV / IEEE - 1394
Video Formats HD/SD-SDI, PAL / NTSC (SMPTE 259M, 292, 296M), DV25, DV50, DV100, DVCAM, DVCPRO/50/100; future HDV; HDMI 1.3, full A/V auto detection
Video Encoder H.264 AVC high profile, supports 4:2:2 color space; over 10Mbps throughput
Integrated Bonded Interfaces
Simultaneous Bonding Up to 14 4G LTE / 3G cellular, Wi-Fi or WiMAX, Dual-Ethernet, Dual-Satellite (BGAN)
Supported Technologies 4G LTE, HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, CDMA EVDO Rev 0/A/B, Mobile WiMAX,  Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g & n (with MIMO)
Proprietary RF Technology
Antenna Arrays Benefits in video quality, resiliency, coverage, operation in areas of poor coverage, on-the-drive, and even in crowded areas. Enhanced support for all common wireless frequencies including LTE, optional external roof-mounted antenna array for extreme connectivity scenarios.
World Wide Roaming
Dual SIM Ports p/modem Supports 1 or 2 standard SIM ports per modem, allowing roaming as well as local operations
User Interface
Local Control Full monitoring and control using touch-screen UI with lock-screen option
Preview Video preview; per-network cellular connectivity status inc. RSSI, throughput, network delay etc.
Dimensions 25 x 36 x 11.5 cm / 9.84 x 14.17 x 4.5 inches
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