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Bespoke Wireless Network Solutions

Bespoke Wireless Network Solutions

Bespoke or custom made wireless networks are growing in popularity where a customer uses BAS or public spectrum services for their wireless network instead of a major carrier. 

Bespoke Wireless Network Solutions

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Since its inception in 2013, LiveU has been on the forefront of working with bespoke wireless networks to ensure customers have access to both private and public bandwidth regardless of congestion or location. This way when a unit is out of range of the private network, public networks can seamlessly take over and prevent any disruption of the broadcast.

LiveU is compatible with any custom wireless network and can use both Ethernet or WiFi access for these solutions. LiveU supports 2-way IP so that operations can be unified such as IFB, Video Return and more. Current supported vendors include Silvus Technologies, Persistent Systems, AMT ENGenesis, Vizlink NewsNet and Ubiquiti.

If you are interested in using LiveU with a custom wireless network, please contact your LiveU sales representative.

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