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The LU200 World Tour

February 22,2015

The LU200 was unveiled at IBC 2014; since then it has appeared at trade shows in Russia, news events in Switzerland and sports events in the US, including Super Bowl XLIX.

Next on the LU200’s schedule is BVE in London where it will be demonstrated alongside our flagship LU500 and cloud based LiveU Central management platform by our partners Garland Partners Ltd. On its way to NAB 2015 the LU200 will also be making appearances at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Symposium, CABSAT in Dubai, and MojoCon in Dublin, Ireland.

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The LU200 has been very successful in its broadcasting ventures so far. Customers have been impressed by its small size and powerful uplink capability, saying "My LiveU LU200 gets my footage back to homebase fast" and "Now this is what I call a mini LiveU, wow".


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See our new LU200 in action for yourself! Stop by one of our trade shows or set up a demo with us here.


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Now this is what I call a mini LiveU, wow