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Selfie Reporting

June 16,2015

Following last month's post about Miri Michaeli's one-woman-show for Israel's Channel 10 News, we've seen more and more instances of journalists doing live segments on their own. While, of course, Smartphones aren't any match for the robust power of the LU500 and a professional camera, they are ideal for short segments, foreign correspondents or alternate angles where there is strong cellular coverage.

Mobile journalist, Tristan Braakman, of Netherlands broadcaster, RTV Noord,has been using the LU-Smart with a selfie stick for some of his segments.


Other Twitter users asked Tristan about the problems he has with wobbliness and arm fatigue, he answered that so far the best solution that he found while using the selfie stick was to extend it to its full length and brace it against your stomach. If you're not planning a mobile shot, adding a monopod or using a smartphone specific tripod are the easiest solutions. We've also seen the LU-Smart mounted as a dash cam for morning traffic reports or mobile weather coverage. 

Recently Sky News Australia rolled out a small fleet of LU-Smart phones and SmartGRIPs. There have been some mixed reviews about the quality of coverage smartphones are capable of, one article commenting that Sky would be better off using the more robust LU200 for augmenting their coverage, however the LU-Smart has given Sky News the opportunity to go live from more angles and locations than before. 

You can see in their tweet below, how Sky News is using the LU-Smart and SmartGRIP as an auxiliary solution, getting their main shot with the much stronger LU500, with the LU-Smart mounted to the side to provide a secondary behind-the-scenes angle. According to Greg Byrnes, channel manager of Sky News Live, the LU-Smart will be primarily used to cover breaking news, allowing Sky News video journalists to get into the thick of the action, something that's not always possible with a large camera and crew.

In the mean time, Byrnes said that their video journalists are adapting quickly and embracing the LU-Smart, "It’s compact, reliable and connects in a matter of seconds," he said. "Our VJ’s have always been quick to adopt new technology."

While we don't see smartphones as the sole provider of live news any time in the near future, for journalists like Tristan, Miri, and the team at Sky News Australia, they are providing a convenient way to supplement the coverage provided by more conventional methods.



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