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The mountains are calling: Live streaming winter sports with LiveU Solo

January 31,2018

LiveU Solo allows you to live stream winter sports events to the web super easily. Snow and cold can’t harm this mobile video encoder; the broadcast-grade streaming device delivers stable live streams with best image and sound quality, even at frosty outdoor temperatures.

LiveUSolo VideoEncoder LiveStreaming Wintersport small

Live streaming at the push of a button

When the temperatures outside drop below freezing and most of us are curled up by the fire; winter athletes are at the starting blocks. What then happens on the slopes all over the world doesn‘t have to be accessible for the on-site audience only. With LiveU Solo, you can stream the winter sports action to the web in real-time. Simply connect the unit via HDMI or SDI to any common video camera and you can go live immediately. You only need to push one button and the stream starts right away. Thanks to seamless social media integration, you can distribute your live video directly over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allowing your community to catch every second of the exciting competitions without buffering or dropped signal.

Fight the cold

With its compact size, LiveU Solo perfectly fits into the mobile gear of any ENG camera team that covers the winter sports events live at the scene. Solo proves to be a cold resilient companion: The portable video encoder operates smoothly at temperatures until -5°C / 23 F, perfectly suiting it to outdoor use within snowy and icy surroundings. From cross-country skiing, slalom races, downhill snowboarding and ski jumping, bobsled and tobogganing races to ice figure skating and ice hockey matches – the multifunctional unit will bring any winter sports competition live to the web. You don’t even need special encoding skills; as soon as you connect the Solo to your camera, the device does the work for you.

Bundeled Internet power

You don’t need to worry about your uplink connection anymore, deploying innovative bonding technology, LiveU Solo combines the bandwidth of up to four connections to create a single, high-performance connection. An Ethernet input, an integrated WiFi chip and two interfaces for external USB modems ensure that you are always provided with enough data volume for streaming live – especially in the open air. Even without local Internet connection in the winter sports area, your Solo can can be equipped with two cellular USB modems, creating a powerful streaming solution no matter where you are.

Remote control

Good news for producers, while your camera operator is working outdoors in the cold, you can control the live stream from a the comfort of your heated office. The web-based Solo portal allows you to manage and supervise your video broadcast conventiently from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The online portal lets you choose your streaming platform from a variety of pre-set destinations and configure your stream according to your individual needs. When the live session has started, you can be sure that your video is being transmitted without any interruptions.

Finally, here’s some inspiration for all of the video producers who are just as enthusiastic about winter sports as we are:

Auffi und Owi cross-country ski race 2018
At the "Auffi und Owi" competition, Austria’s fastest skiers meet on the snow track. Using LiveU Solo, Team Talented live streamed the event from the start to the finish. The stream was published on the Facebook page of Sportland Niederösterreich (“Sports Nation Lower Austria“).

FIS Snowboard Worldcup 2018
When the FIS Snowboard Worldcup stopped in town, the Austrian radio station ORF Niederösterreich broadcasted parts of its morning show live from the prime winter sports destination, Lackenhof. The behind the scenes video went live on the station’s Facebook page, thanks to LiveU Solo.



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