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LiveU Elections: Coverage from around the globe

LiveU Elections: Coverage from around the globe

LiveU has been supporting international election coverage since it was founded. LiveU’s field units provide a cost-effective flexible solution that allows broadcasters to capture political events from multiple fixed locations and on the move, providing comprehensive coverage of both local and national elections.  LiveU is capturing election fever the world over with 24/7 live video coverage.

LiveU Elections: Coverage from around the globe

US Presidential Election, 2016

LiveU has been present throughout the US Presidential Election season. From the beginning of the campaign trail, LiveU has supported everything from party debates to state caucuses and primaries. LiveU’s LU500 and LU200 units were out in force at this year’s Presidential Election events. The introduction of LiveU Solo this year also gave online content creators the opportunity for more complete coverage of election events.

One such webcaster, Political Revolution TV, used LiveU Solo for their coverage of the Democracy Spring March on Washington DC. The Democracy Spring effort grew out of support for Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders.

The march started in Philadelphia, where thousands began a 140-mile walk to the U.S. Capitol to “demand Congress take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in our politics and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice.” For their coverage of this event, Political Revolution TV used the new cost-effective LiveU Solo, enabling them to seamlessly stream from their camera through Switchboard Live and to their YouTube channel with minimal setup.

On election night 1,800 portable transmission packs were in use, transmitting nearly 8,000 hours of streaming. The LiveU Central management portal proved to be mission critical on Election Night, supporting more than 1,200 simultaneous streams and managing 17 Terabytes of data.

UK General Election, 2015

As the 2015 UK General Election approached, Sky News wanted to offer their viewers the most comprehensive coverage available. There are 650 constituencies in the UK, each of which declares their votes for their local parliament member overnight, giving Sky News 650 declarations to report in a matter of hours.

Sky News offered the most in-depth and complete coverage in its history by placing equal significance on all media platforms, including television, digital and social media. As part of their television and digital coverage they broadcast continuous live streams from the 150 constituencies that they deemed most likely to influence the outcome of the election.
Sky News chose LiveU as a key technology partner, using multiple units including the small form-factor LU200, as well as its existing LU500 lightweight backpacks. LiveU designed a solution to accommodate 150 live feeds coming from different sites and sources and provided over 100 additional LU400s to supplement Sky’s existing LiveU units.

Irish National Elections

Irish broadcaster, RTÉ is another to rise to the coverage challenge posed by national election night — last-minute, countrywide activity from often remote locations — by turning to LiveU. The broadcaster deployed 13 units across the Republic to bring the unfolding events of the late February night to viewers. The project was overseen by LiveU partner Tyrell.

RTÉ, already a LiveU customer, was eager to increase its election night coverage and to bring a greater sense of dynamism and connection to events using live feeds from declaration centers. Outside the major urban areas, cellular coverage across the country is very poor to non-existent.

This deployment shows the flexibility of LiveU’s solutions whereby if cellular coverage is poor or non-existent then Ka-Sat is a very viable alternative. Elections provide a real challenge for broadcasters and LiveU’s technology — as evidenced by multiple election deployments — allows broadcasters to think differently.

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