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Leading Spanish Broadcasting Services Provider Lavinia Turns to LiveU

October 3

Wanting to increase the quality of its newsgathering capabilities, Lavinia deploys LiveU for key customers

Spain-based Lavinia has recently turned to LiveU to increase the quality of its newsgathering technologies and to handle the increasing demands placed on news operations. Lavinia provides complete outsourced newsgathering services to many broadcasters in Spain and all over the world (through its international division, Alice Production, based in Brussels). Lavinia provides services in Spain to nationwide broadcasters such as Mediaset España, the market leader, which owns and operates seven free-to-air TV channels, as well as to many other regional broadcasters.

Lavinia also has recently launched an international broadcast division to cover breaking news around the world and is taking advantage of new IP technologies for live broadcast transmission. Lavinia turned to LiveU to be able to provide its customers with the best possible quality and reliability with its live video streaming services. The deal has been overseen by LiveU’s long-term partner in Spain, Park 7.

Lavinia operates across its home country Spain, with offices in key cities nationally, and it also has facilities in other cities worldwide, such as Beijing, Brussels and Washington D.C. The company creates, produces and broadcasts digital and audiovisual content for a wide range of clients.

Xavier de Pol, Managing Director Audiovisual Services Division, Lavinia says, “We’ve been increasingly reliant on cellular bonding technology for live video coverage, with its inherent flexibility, mobility and cost-effectiveness, and it’s very established within our company’s culture. We worked closely with Park 7 in order to determine how LiveU could help us and we’ve been delighted with both the responsiveness of the service we’ve received and the quality of the units themselves. We use them for both breaking news and to cover planned events, in Spain as well as in a worldwide basis.”

Gonzaga Avello, Managing Director, Park 7, said, “Lavinia is arguably one of the most agile and forward-thinking companies in Spain in this sector and is quickly moving towards an IP-based future, with LiveU being a key part of that.”

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