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NBS Revolutionizes Live Coverage in Uganda with LiveU

March 14,2016

Mobile television live coverage made its premier in Uganda in May 2016 with NBS Television pioneering the revolution. It caught many by surprise with numerous questions of “How does NBS get quality live shots on the move?”. LiveU has indeed revolutionized TV broadcasting in Uganda, moving away from conventional TV, characterized by recordings and delays in airing of events. The few events that were captured live were limited by the challenge of laying cables, line of site and limitations of movement.

NBS Election Coverage 1 NBS Election Coverage 3

NBS has covered quite a number of events live using the LiveU technology but quite significantly; NBS goes on record for covering the 2015 Papal visit to Uganda, the 2016 presidential campaigns and elections, and the first Golf Tournament to be covered live in the history of broadcasting in Uganda at the 2015 Golf Championship.

NBS Pope CoverageThe papal visit coverage

It should be noted that one of the reasons as to why NBS won the bid to broadcast the papal visit to Uganda was due to the fact that NBS had displayed ability to cover events live, anywhere, anytime and also the fact that they had been able to follow live events as they unfolded.

The papal visit was a great experience for NBS and for Uganda as a whole. From the time the Pope landed to his departure, NBS managed to broadcast clear and steady picture with even with interferences from security jammers.

NBS Election Coverage 2Presidential campaigns and elections

NBS constantly broadcasted while trailing presidential candidates for distances of over 160 kilometers during campaigns. During the presidential elections, NBS used 10 LiveU units to broadcast from all regions around the country. In an interview with the Chief Programs Officer NBS Television, Chris Wanobere said “…the experience with LiveU coverage units is great …these units have redefined television broadcasting, they are user friendly and easy to manage”, Mr. Wanobere stated that he preferred the LU500 to other cellular broadcasting units for several reasons:

     - It has a HDMI option
     - It can work with a power bank
     - Long battery life
     - High definition quality picture
     - It is up to date with the latest technology available

Mobile broadcasting doesn’t come without its drawbacks, among them being the use of cellular signals to send the footage. These units can run into issues when the signal strength is weak. NBS ran into this issue one time when taking a unit into a cellular dead zone. Fortunately LiveU also offers an external antenna to boost signal in these areas, enabling reporters to truly go live anywhere.   



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