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LiveU Drives High-Quality Live Video to Twitter as Periscope Producer API Partner

March 22,2017

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Twitter is making it much easier for media publishers, brands, and individuals to post live video broadcasts to its platform with the launch of a new live video API. The Periscope Producer API provides access for developers to read and write Periscope data directly on the platform and allows publishers to broadcast from third-party hardware, software and web services. LiveU is amongst the API partners that will help publishers use the API.

The Periscope Producer API opens up new ways to share live video, such as starting broadcasts directly from external hardware, software, cameras and web services - without the need to connect them via the app. The API enables third-party applications to authenticate Periscope accounts, configure streams, start and stop broadcasts and publish broadcasts to Twitter.


“Content producers want to maintain the highest level of production value using equipment they know and trust,” said Dan Pisarski, VP of Technology, LiveU. “The Periscope Producer API gives users more flexibility in what they can share live and how they do it. Our Solo unit has become the standard live streaming solution for social media so we’re excited to help bring better quality content to Twitter and Periscope audiences.”

“From GoPro cameras and drones to 360 cameras and other external sources, we are passionate about giving people the tools they need to create compelling, interactive live videos,” Twitter Software Engineer, John Boiles stated in the Periscope Producer API announcement blog post.

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“LiveU is a leader in live streaming technology and has enabled organizations to produce high-quality content based on the viewing platform,” said Claudia Barbiero, VP of Marketing, Americas at LiveU. “Content creators have increased the frequency and quality of streams because LiveU enables them to go where they haven’t been able to go.”

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