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Unprecedented coverage of Hurricane Irma

September 14,2017


NBC's Kerry Sanders helps rescue 2 dolphins stranded on Florida beach LIVE on Today Show. Watch the video here

 Broadcasters cover the storm from the epicenter using LiveU technology

The Weather Channel, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and CBS (and many more!) have been covering Hurricane Irma like never before. And these types of live accounts of the storm would have never been possible with traditional broadcasting methods like Satellite. At the end of the day, it is unprecedented being able to cover a storm like this from the epicenter – both in terms of being able to afford to have so many reporters and because there would have been no way to cover it with traditional SAT.  

Irma7Did you know?

Over 200 LiveU units were in use - simultaneously broadcasting throughout Hurricane Irma.

LiveU had rental units and personnel at the scene to support customers through the whole path of the hurricane from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico and Florida.

More continuous live data through LiveU Cenral than during the U.S. Presidenial Election!

The combination of cellular infrastructure and LiveU proved stable - even in conditions of this magnitude!

With LiveU technology, broadcasters were able to share live feeds with stations around the globe - from helicopters to drones to camera operators on the ground, right from the eye of the storm. The simultaneous use of reporters in multiple locations was also unique. We saw that at one point 18 CNN units were broadcasting live simultaneously from different locations in Florida including the Florida Keys, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.  In a situation like this, a crew would have had to retreat and wait out the storm or find a location to transmit footage after shooting a segment - delaying content from being broadcast in real-time or from locations where the visuals would be more powerful.  Now reporters and crews are capturing unbelievable live content during the most crucial moments and from unique vantage points of a storm and sharing it live with the world - distributing it instantaneously over IP to multiple news outlets both online and on television.

“Our special coverage was possible thanks to LiveU. This technology makes it possible to communicate the events of the hurricane in extreme conditions.”

Jorge Ramos, Univision



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