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Our Mission: To boldly go where no satellite truck has gone before

May 25,2014


From a Moving Vehicle:

Think of all the storms you could actually chase live and all of the winter weather you could cover from the streets, if you didn’t have to worry about satellite interference. With cellular technology, broadcasters can easily cover a wide range of events that they were never able to before, and it doesn’t stop at meteorology.  Sports journalists are going live from team busses and parade floats, local stations are able to broadcast about community events on location and other broadcasters are doing live segments that could only be imagined before.

Heat staff bussInside the carHoliday Traincbs weather truck toyota 500


In the Air:

Bird’s eye view isn’t just for the morning traffic report anymore. More and more news stations are using portable units to go live off the ground, and they’re broadcasting from more than just helicopters. We’ve seen live shots from planes, blimps, hot air balloons, Ferris wheels and even roller coasters.

photo CopyFerris wheelview Copy


On the Water:

One creative application we’ve seen is the use of LiveU to go live off-shore, from live water skiing in Idaho, to whale watching near Los Angeles, and following collegiate rowing matches throughout the country.  Off the coast of Florida, a team used an LU70 on a boat to relay underwater footage to a classroom of students onshore, allowing them to virtually explore the reef by asking the divers questions in real time.

DiversWashington Boatwater skiingLiveU Still


From the Middle of Nowhere:

Mobility doesn’t only apply to filming while on the go; one of the most convenient aspects of LiveU technology is the ability to broadcast live from remote locations. In some areas where it may be prohibited (or physically impossible) to take a typical news van, broadcasters and online media outfits can go live via cellular.  In 2013 LiveU took a team to trek to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, where they streamed regular updates live online. The team used GoPro HERO2 cameras, a Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 500 BGAN terminal and a LiveU LU40 paired with Inmarsat satellite connectivity.

Virginia APP trail smallKilimanjaro2 smallMaldive Islands smallApp trail view small





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