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The LiveU Bobblehead Now Has a Name!

April 04,2014

Developing successful cellular bonding products is also a very serious endeavor. It requires a tremendous amount of expertise and hard work relating to the behavior of cellular networks and data transmission, antenna technology, video compression, hardware and software design, understanding and addressing user needs, and much more.

Bobble Trans

However, at LiveU we also like to look at the lighter side of things, and have some fun while we’re busy changing the world. A few weeks ago, we launched a competition on social media to suggest names for our new LiveU Bobblehead. We offered a free Bobblehead to those who provide us with our 10 favorite name suggestions.

Our customers, fans, and friends rose up to the challenge. With over 50 excellent name suggestions, we were absolutely delighted to see both the number of responses and how truly creative they were.

After a long, difficult, and even emotional screening process (after all, it’s not every day that you crowd-source your new baby’s name!), here are our favorite suggestions (in fact, it’s more than 10 names. All 15 will actually get a free Bobblehead!):

Top 15 to 3:

15. Seymor Now

14. N.E Where

13. Steady Eddie

12. BobbleU

11. LiveU-B

10. Backpack Bob

9. Backpack Bill

8. FIRSTy (always first on the scene)

7. Shooter Stan the Bobblehead Man

6. Baxter the Backpack-ster

5. LiveU Lenny

4. Mr. Swag

3. LiveU Larry

Our second favorite (a VERY close second) was:

2. Bond, Cell Bond


But the Bobblehead needs to have one official name (we don’t want a Bobblehead with an identity crisis), so we have to pick one final name. And the first place winner is:




Thank you to everyone who participated, we had a blast, and will reach out to the winners for shipping addresses. We look forward to seeing more pictures and videos of LiveU Luke as he goes on adventures to cover live news and sports around the world.


 Ken Zamkow


Ken Zamkow
Head of Marketing, US & Americas



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