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Gearing Up for the UK General Elections

April 30,2015

The polls leading up to the elections are showing a very close race with several news outlets predicting a hung parliament. The uncertainty of the outcome of this race is predicted to drive more voters to the polls and the increased buzz to inflate viewership of election coverage.

LU200 Camera Mount TransparentAs this promises to be a nail biting election, broadcasters across the country are fully optimizing their staff to cover as much of the race as possible. For many UK broadcasters this means deploying a full fleet of cellular bonding units. In a widespread event like this it’s important for broadcasters to be highly mobile, small uplink devices such as LiveU’s LU500, and LU200 are ideal for coverage of widespread events because of their quick set up and portability. The versatility of cellular uplink devices allows broadcasters to be flexible with their field teams and to optimize coverage as events unfold. 

Sky News is using LiveU units, including the new LU200 and flagship LU500 for nationwide coverage from over 270 declarations on Election Day. They have described this undertaking as “the most ambitious and wide-ranging results service available and will ensure customers have the most up-to-date information as it happens”. John Ryley, head of Sky News, said: “This will be the most exciting campaign and election night for decades. Sky News has created compelling and innovative content across all platforms which will give Sky customers all the details they need from the campaign trail and on election night itself. Sky News will offer the latest news and analysis with clarity and speed but with a wealth of in depth digital features that will allow customers to delve deeper into what this election means for the UK.”

Other broadcasters inside and outside of the UK are taking advantage of LiveU’s extensive network of service providers, available on the LiveU Community platform and with our partners, we have deployed dozens of field units to supplement our clients’ existing LiveU devices. 

We’re excited to be serving so many clients at such a high level throughout the event and we look forward to seeing the footage as it goes live. Follow us on Facebook for the latest photos and clips of LiveU election coverage. 

This will be the most exciting campaign and election night for decades - John Ryley



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