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Introducing the LiveU Community

October 14,2014

Community demonstrationThese days, social networking sites rule the internet. Just about everybody is building up a network of virtual friends to share every detail of their lives with. At LiveU our minds are always working on ideas to benefit our clients, so naturally we thought "What if instead of just sharing photos of their cat's birthday party, our users could share video for their next live broadcast?" So, we harnessed the power of this virtual networking phenomenon to do just that, and the LiveU community was born.

Using our own management technology, we were able to create a network of users with LiveU Equipment. This network is made up of both broadcasters and freelancers, or service providers, from around the world. The Community makes it simple for users to offer and request newsgathering services, for planned events and breaking news.

What does it do? Well, it is a special platform, which can make any LiveU Device 'talk' to any LiveU server, essentially allowing the broadcaster to use any service provider's unit as one of their own. This vastly expands and dynamizes the LiveU units at their disposal. The major advantage of this community is that it literally follows the LiveU motto - it allows anyone to get the footage they need at any time, from any other LiveU user, anywhere in the world.

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This project is a real innovation in its field opening a whole new world of options for any LiveU user to connect to another. The Community serves as a virtual version of the 'behind the scenes handshake' between broadcasters and the freelance service providers in their employ.

Service providers from all over the world are able post offers to cover newsworthy events unfolding in their area. The locals are always the first to know about events in their area, and the most knowledgeable about how to operate within their region. The service providers' offers give broadcasters on the community the opportunity to be first on the scene of events around the world without sending their whole crew to cover them.

By bridging the gap between international broadcasters and service providers from around the world, the LiveU Community opens doors for LiveU clients, enabling them to maximize professional coverage with minimal effort and expense.

To join our ever-growing community and take advangage of this new simple workflow register here under "Join Now" or send the following details to

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