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LU500 Put to the Test

July 31,2014


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One of the first users we saw putting the new lighter solution to the test was the team at Good Morning LA. They used the LU500 to go live while rappelling down the side of a building in Pasadena, California to raise awareness for Shatterproof, an organization committed to helping those with drug and alcohol addiction. Tony, of the Good Morning LA team, took the plunge down the side of the 12-story building with the LU500 on his back and a GoPro camera mounted to his climbing helmet, giving viewers a unique view of his personal experience.

Univision also put the lightweight unit to good use while promoting opening of the movie Divergent. Similarly to the Good Morning LA team, the journalists at Univision used a helmet mounted GoPro camera and the backpack-carried LU500, however instead of rappelling vertically down the side of a building, the Univision team went live while soaring horizontally across a zip line.

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3387751 GThe compact size and light weight gave both high flying news teams the ability to go live like never before. It's not just the size that makes this unit so unique; in most developed areas the LU500 has been maintaining upwards of 8000kpbs uplink speed. However, as many camera operators and photojournalists know, getting cellular signal in well-developed areas isn't always difficult; however once you travel into the country things can get trickier.

In a backwoods area of Washington County, Oklahoma, a team was dispatched to cover an ongoing house fire, using the new LU500. Occasionally in sites like these, journalists using cellular technology experience lapses in signal, high delay and poor uplink quality. The team covering the fire began broadcasting and the 6 modems inside their LU500 went to work, allowing them to provide compelling live coverage from the rural area with no trouble.

The small and mighty unit has been proving itself again and again in the most challenging broadcasting situations. We've been thrilled to see the many creative applications that our customers have been coming up with and we can't wait to see what you think of next.

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