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Arctic Circle Trawler Hermes Deploys LiveU Technology for Multi-Media Promotion of Sustainable Fishing

October 20

Forward-thinking Norwegian fishing company Hermes conducts trial to stream live from remote fishing locations to show the public the nature of modern sustainable fishing

Hackensack, NJ,20th October, 2016– Highlighting the growing reach of LiveU’s solutions, the company is pleased to announce that its technology is being used as a key part of a trial to bring the reality of modern sustainable fishing to a far wider audience by Norwegian company Hermes. The LiveU technology was supplied by LiveU’s regional partner Mediability (formerly AVIT Systems).

Hermes is the name of a 55m trawler that is operated by the fishing company of the same name. The company and boat have already featured on an episode of BBC3 show World’s Toughest Jobs. Hermes General Manager Jan Roger Lerbukt said, “Fishing – trawling especially – has had a bad reputation now for many years. Seeing is believing and we want to show people what we are doing. We want to be proud about – and make people proud about – what we do. It’s sustainable and we’re trying to do our best every day to improve. We had three trainees on board during the World’s Toughest Jobs show. After that aired we received applications from 1,500 people. Obviously there’s interest in what we are doing out at sea!”

In July Hermes started a trial to see how possible it was to stream live from its fishing region – the Barents Sea and North Sea mainly. Given the latitudes at which it fishes, satellite connectivity was the only option and even that’s extremely challenging. In discussing requirements and challenges with both Telenor Maritime and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), solutions emerged for the trial.

The boat has two Ku-Band antennas previously used by NRK as well as a Ka-Band antenna courtesy of Telenor Maritime. There are three cameras on board the boat plus a router. An operator can also tap into all the vessel’s surveillance cameras, making complex on board productions possible. The LiveU unit is connected to two network interfaces, one is for the Ku-Band feed and the other the Ka-Band satellite service. Both are separate, stabilised platforms connecting to different satellites. The unit is handling adaptive encoding and load balancing the transmission across those two internet connections. During the trial, Hermes has been live streaming on YouTube 24/7 between 3Mbit/s and 5Mbit/s.

The boat also streamed live to two industry events – one in Norway and one in Denmark - to highlight its multimedia capabilities.  

Lerbukt said, “We’re operating at the extreme north so the elevation is very low in terms of achieving satellite links – we are below two degrees. We have been able to send all the way up to 78 degrees north, sometimes 79, but beyond that it won’t work simply because the angle is so low and therefore any movement affects the stability of the link. But overall we have been very pleased with all the technology. Our biggest customer has recognised the marketing potential of this.”

Ronen Artman, LiveU’s VP of Marketing, said, “Our technology is at the forefront of the expanding use of high-quality live video. Not only does it allow people to think and act differently within the broadcast world, but it’s expanding horizons further afield. As Hermes recognises, there are times when seeing is believing and this is certainly one of them.”

Check out footage from the Hermes here.

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