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LiveU Redefines Sports Coverage with Major Deployment at Summer Olympics

July 27,2016

LiveU, the global leader in live streaming, is bringing home entertainment gold to its customers and their audiences by providing over 80 international broadcasters with LiveU equipment to cover the Summer Olympics in Rio. The company is expecting approximately 15,000+ live video sessions to take place during the Olympics using its technology.

LiveU is the live streaming solution of choice for global news and sports broadcasters and online content creators as the technology provides the highest quality stream, works flawlessly in challenging environments and offers a wide array of bandwidth options across multiple venues presented by the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

“LiveU continues to transform the way live video is transmitted and broadcasted for large-scale events of any kind, but sports coverage is in our DNA,” said LiveU COO, Avi Cohen. “Our first key deployment was at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and since then the use of our solutions has surged at major sporting events including the FIFA World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl. Our product line constantly evolves to meet the needs of our broadcast and online customers looking to capture high-quality action-packed sports and behind-the-scenes live coverage.”

LiveU Makes Strong Showing at Summer Olympics

LiveU’s entire portfolio of uplink solutions will be deployed to cover the Olympics, including:

  • LiveU backpack and camera-mount IP-bonding devices: LU500, lightweight LU200, and LiveU Solo live streaming bonding solution
  • LU-Smart mobile application and the signal boosting Xtender external antenna
  • LiveU cloud-based MultiPoint distribution service will enable customers to simultaneously share live feeds with up to 100 concurrent destinations worldwide

LiveU Support Services

LiveU’s elite support team will be onsite in numerous venues, offering onsite 24/7 support in multiple languages throughout the Games. And for added reliability and accessibility, LiveU will offer multiple dedicated Wi-Fi hotspotsnear the two main stadiums in Barra and the Maracanã, as well in the International Broadcast Center (IBC). LiveU will also have a special correspondent on the ground in Rio sharing updates on how its customers are using the technology to go live from the Games.

LiveU is synonymous with live sports coverage. Here’s a snapshot of LiveU’s sports footprint:


The Road to Super Bowl

Earlier this year, through a partnership with the Denver Broncos, the team’s TV crew was able to utilize LiveU technology to bring a week of pre-game activities and interviews at Super Bowl City in San Francisco and from the team’s headquarters near Levi Stadium in Santa Clara to their sizeable and passionate base of Broncos Country fans.

All Access Pass to Philadelphia Eagles News & Coverage

The Philadelphia Eagles rely on LiveU MultiPoint for the enhanced distribution of internally-produced content to its broadcast partners, NBC10 Philadelphia (WCAU) and other local Philadelphia sports networks. Using LiveU technology, the organizations can maximize their coverage and tell a compelling story, without sending a dedicated crew to obtain the content, saving them time and resources.

Behind-the-scenes Look at Pro Boxer’s Last Fight

LiveU Solo has also been deployed by Team Pacquiao, the team behind long-time boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, who partnered with Global Sports Streaming (GSS) to bring his dedicated fans a front-row look at his training camp regimen and pre-fight activities through a series of livestreams to Pacquiao’s YouTube Channel.

Global Soccer Games Get Massive Exposure

Over 100 LiveU units were used to cover the UEFA Euro 2016 and over 65 units at its Latin America counterpart the Copa América.

“LiveU is a trusted partner for the global sports market,” notes Cohen. “Our technology has changed the way that broadcasters think and operate to create far wider and more varied live coverage of the world’s top sporting events.”

LiveU will be bringing the 2016 Summer Olympics to its fans and followers. Visit during the Games to see our daily updates, photos, and videos.



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