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Going Live to Twitter? Make your content stand out!

December 21,2016



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Now that you can broadcast live video with Twitter, LiveU has made it easier to up the ante of your broadcast and use the LiveU Solo live streaming device that enables you to get HD quality live streams - reliably - from anywhere.

LiveU Solo allows you to:

  • Get your camera in the middle of the action
  • Go live from anywhere
  • Make sure the stream is consistent - even while you are mobile
  • Deliver flawless broadcast quality directly to Twitter, Facebook Live and many other social platforms all from one easy to use interface


The LiveU Solo Portable Live Streaming Workflow:



Solo uses LiveU Bonding Technology and patented LRT™ – By bonding multiple cellular, WiFi and  Ethernet connections together, you get the best bandwidth and highest quality for your video stream - delivered directly to the social media platform or destination of your choice!

How to #GoLive to Twitter with LiveU Solo 

Step 1: Log in to your LiveU Solo Portal Account


Step 2: Link your Solo unit to your Twitter account




Step 3: Create your event

Step 4: #GoLive! Press start in the Solo portal or on your Solo unit and you are streaming to Twitter. That's all there is to it. 

LiveU Solo for HD Quality Social Media Live Video Benefits: 

Sets your content apart: better quality + dynamic content = engaged audiences that keep coming back for more!


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