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Hitting the Road

April 23,2014

To get this campaign off the ground, Nissan employed Magneetto Media, a company specializing in online events and web streaming services.

According to Magneetto’s case study on the campaign, one of the issues that they faced was a lack of space. However roomy a car may be, fitting a four-person team and production equipment into a crossover vehicle isn’t an easy task. Compound the obstacle of vehicle capacity, with the need for mobility and a relatively low campaign budget, and Magneetto had themselves quite the broadcasting challenge. Taking all the factors into consideration, Magneetto turned to cellular uplink technology as the most viable option for this undertaking.

NissanAfter researching the reach of the cities’ cellular networks, and testing several uplink configurations, Magneetto chose to use the compact LiveU LU40 field unit. The LU40 is the smallest unit in the LiveU family, making it ideal for this situation. The unit occupied minimal space within the car and could be easily transported in and out of the different establishments that were being explored. Magneetto coupled the LU40 with the small Canon XA25 professional camcorder for a space-saving setup that would allow them to broadcast live, on the go. On the control room side, Magneetto was able to use LiveU Central to monitor the units, the live feed and cellular signals in real time to ensure a seamless broadcast.

In the conclusion of the case study, Magneetto says:

“Given this technical success, we are more than thrilled about the new possibilities: live broadcast concepts that have previously been an exclusive domain of money-packed events, are now within the reach of smaller organizers for a reasonable cost. And maybe more interestingly, available for marketing and communications use by businesses big and small.”

Read Magneetto’s full case study here.



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