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Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) ( gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television by providing video training, equipment, facilities, and channel time for Chicago residents and non-profit groups. CAN TV’s five local, non-commercial channels reach over one million viewers in the city of Chicago. CAN TV operates as an independent non-profit community television station.

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For years CAN TV served local non-profit organizations by documenting a wide range of local events for telecast. While that service was valuable, the process of shooting and post-production limited the timeliness of the telecasts. Producing live telecasts using conventional satellite or microwave equipment was impractical because of the high costs. Introduced to LiveU’s mobile uplink technology in summer 2012, CAN TV was quick to test the equipment and go live in the community. The station first broadcast live from the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) conference in Chicago.

Business Challenge:

It was essential that the technology could be deployed easily with small crews and used anywhere in Chicagoland.


  • CAN TV leased LiveU’s flagship LU70 uplink backpack unit. With its intuitive GUI, the LU70 could be operated by the station’s professional staff. Limited training was needed.
  • •The LU70 unit transmitted live video to CAN TV’s cable TV channel and YouTube channel reaching a wide-ranging local audience.
  • With its highly resilient bonded 3G/4G LTE technology, the LU70 delivered high-quality live video from anywhere, at any time.


  • •CAN TV was empowered to provide hyper-local live visual reportage.
  • Live coverage made the station more timely and made the content available on multiple screens, enabling citizens to have a closer connection to events happening in their vicinity and encourage greater participation in their community.
  • A recent Illinois House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Gun Legislation garnered over 7500 views online.


  • Illinois House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Gun Legislation:
  • Opposition to Illinois Undocumented Immigrant Drivers License Legislation:
  • Both video clips were simulcast/streamed live on CAN TV. See the latter portions of the 2nd video to see how the camera goes mobile/handheld to follow the action. In that video, the camera follows the activists up the elevator of the IL Thompson Center to deliver a letter to the IL Governor's office - all telecast and streamed live.


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