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Hugo Boss / MacLaren Promotion



As part of the celebrations for 30 years of sponsoring McLaren, Hugo Boss had the concept of live streaming Jenson Button as a celebrity guest of the party they held in Budapest this year.

Promotional Concept

The concept was to stream the event live to a video wall - a huge plasma screen - at the party as well as to Hugo Boss’ Facebook page, other live social media video portals. A special page was set up for Hugo Boss on Justin TV, with a Facebook page linked in.

Technical Hurdles

Mobile broadcast in Standard Definition, Stability of the screen.

The Event Sequence

The film crew, equipped with a LiveU LU60-HDA, followed Jenson Button during the day. He started the morning with a few laps at the racetrack close to Budapest. He was then driven to the hotel and finally arrived at the Hugo Boss party. All of this was broadcasted via the synchronized live video feeds to both Facebook and to the huge screen at the party itself. For

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