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LiveU’s Summer of Soccer


Carlos Ventura 7When it comes to broadcasting soccer, LiveU is the technology provider of choice. LiveU supported the 2015 Copa America Tournament, FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA U-20 World Cup, and the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the summer of 2015 alone. LiveU’s coverage of soccer tournaments has further solidified their reputation as the pioneer and leader in IP-based video services and broadcast solutions for acquisition, management and distribution.

At the Copa America Tournament, hosted in Chile, LiveU deployed more than 80 video transmission devices for the event. Products used in the event coverage in Latin America included LiveU’s newest ultra-small transmission device, the LU200, as well as the flagship LU500 and LiveU Xtender external antenna. Broadcasters found ease of use and reliability of LiveU’s live transmission technology to be a winning factor in acquiring live feed during the Copa America Tournament. With its light-weight LU500 and LU200 transmission units, high-quality uplink and fast transmission times, LiveU stood out as one of the top technology providers for this event.

In addition to LiveU’s support at the Copa America tournament, LiveU supported the FIFA Women’s World Cup, hosted in Canada, with approximately 15 LiveU units deployed. Across Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa, broadcasters again found LiveU’s live transmission solutions to be fast and reliable with average transmission speeds of 6 Mbps and average cellular upload speeds of 4.37 Mbps.

Along with Copa America and FIFA Women’s World Cup, LiveU also supported the FIFA U-20 World Cup, hosted in New Zealand, with 8 LU70 units deployed, as well as the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, with dozens of LiveU transmission units deployed. The Gold Cup tournament was supported with a mix of LU70 and LU500 LiveU transmission units.

This is why broadcasters from all over the world have used LiveU’s devices in order to acquire more live footage of these tournaments with better quality and lower costs than other solutions such as satellite fiber trucks. LiveU’s live-video transmission devices allow broadcasters to acquire their content, and then use the LiveU Central cloud-based management platform to manage the acquired content and their LiveU units.

Customer Quote

“We’ve used LiveU extensively around the entire country of Chile for Copa America. Our uplink was close to 7 Mbps, satellite quality. LiveU is part of our global live coverage workflow and we can’t be without it.”

Manuel Alejandro Peña
General Producer of NTN24


Freddy Pinzon PSG

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