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Tencent Case Study

Tencent Case Study

Tencent, one of China’s top Internet value-added services providers, is using LiveU’s portable transmission technology to stream live its innovative new reality series called “See where you are going”. The live online programme follows Olympic champions, movie stars and random guests in six cities around China (Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and Shenzhen) as they perform various tasks.

Tencent Case Study

Separate camera crews live stream the different stars in the different locations and viewers can choose one of six different video rooms to watch the video live on any device. At the end of each programme, Tencent posts an edited version combining all the different clips online.

Tencent has deployed 10 LU200s, LiveU’s ultra-small transmission units, for the live production. The LiveU units and support are provided by LiveU’s local partner Guanhua Glory(GHG) AV system Ltd, a long-standing supplier to Tencent, with additional support provided by Oneband Systems, an additional LiveU partner.

Tencent Gear

“With the multi-camera chasing of stars, and multi-screen viewing, this show represents a new type of programme in China. Involving 6-10 hours per day of live streaming, it was important for us to choose a small, lightweight unit, which could deliver high quality and reliable live video over a long time in multiple locations. The LU200 surpassed our expectations, offering a highly cost-effective live transmission solution. The results really speak for themselves – the show has become a hit among our Internet viewers within a short time,” Zhao Dongwei, Tencent’s transmission technology head, said.

This new innovative show generated a lot of interest and results were phenomenal. Number of views broke tens of millions of viewers in four hours after launch with thirty-two thousand bullet screen comments. Overall 110* million viewers were watching the first episode.
*Data from Tencent video platform real-time viewership by Dec. 12, 2016 11:40am GMT+8.

LiveU Online Solutions

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