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Videocorp Chile works to integrate public and private security services with LiveU


The integration must be ready by 2020

Videocorp Chile works to integrate public and private security services with LiveU.

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Chile is a country of contrasts, offering in a single view a beautiful geography and the recurrence of natural catastrophes. This combination poses technological challenges in maintaining active communications between public and private services in catastrophic situations (earthquakes, fires, etc.), especially to provide security and emergency response assistance to the affected population.

Pedro Gonzalez Videocorp ChileThis vital need for survival was the inspiration for Videocorp’s mission to find a solution that allowed communications between government authorities and private and affected communities, in real-time, in any catastrophic situation or inhospitable scenario of the Chilean geography. 

Pedro Gonzalez, Commercial Broadcast and Video Professional Manager at Videocorp, authorized LiveU partner in Chile noted, "In 2016 we set the goal of interconnecting public and private security agencies in Chile. We know how difficult it is to maintain communication in times of catastrophe and have taken steps to have the entire geography covered in 2020," Gonzalez said.

Recently Videocorp established agreements with the Chilean Gendarmerie to support its supervision and security work in the country. "It is a great step forward. We are very satisfied with this achievement. LiveU technology allows the incorporation of multiple live video signals in police monitoring rooms, which provide two great advantages:

1- Elimination of blind side in any situation thanks to the equipment being controlled by an operator.
2- The decision-making is made in a Crisis Room, in real-time, without the risks of being in the terrain of events," explained Pedro Gonzalez.

 For the Commercial Head of Videocorp, the experience with LiveU in Chile has been very satisfactory. “We have tested the equipment in inhospitable areas such as the Atacama Desert, Punta Arena, the Coastal Edge and in the interior of the Chilean forests. In all of those areas where connectivity can be a challenge, we’ve had full coverage of the LiveU technology,” concluded Pedro Gonzalez.




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