Sportzworkz brings the Hero Women’s Indian Open to fans across the globe with LiveU’s Remote Production Solution

Leveraging LiveU's EcoSystem to share live feeds from the golf course as part of an efficient and cost-effective set-up.

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The Challenge

The Hero Indian Women’s Open is a golf tournament held in the DLF Country and Golf Club in Gurgaon, India as part of the Ladies European Tour. The tournament takes place over the course of one week with a new round taking place each day.

New Delhi-based production house, Sportzworkz, was tasked with producing the event live to fans worldwide. However, the size of the venue and the timing of each round made the planning complicated. A traditional on-site production set-up would have required more staff than Sportzworkz was able to dedicate to a single event, creating a challenge for the team.

The Solution

The Sportzworkz team partnered with LiveU to develop a remote production (REMI) workflow within the LiveU EcoSystem, which allowed them to produce the live tournament from a remote control room. This significantly reduced the costs. Using LiveU’s portable LU800 field units, the team gained greater production flexibility, with the ability to cover the games from various locations on the course without being constrained by cabling or other restrictions. Built on LiveU’s resilient LRT™ and IP bonding technology, the LU800 ensured the highest resiliency and robustness with eight internal modems.

At the golf course, each camera was connected to an LU800 which transmitted the live video back to their remote studio. The content team could switch between feeds, add graphics and send the video for broadcast on the Indian sports channel, 1Sports, as well as to the Ladies European Tour. Service and support was provided by LiveU’s local partner ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

“The LiveU Remote Production setup is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy for the camera operators to capture all the excitement of the tournament without extra expense."

Gaurav Bahal, Co-Founder, Sportzworkz

More Exposure for Sponsors

LiveU technology made it possible to stream this golf tournament with minimal effort – a cost-effective, efficient solution for bringing close-up action from the golf course to fans worldwide. Sportzworkz saved significantly on production time with same day editing and production, compared to previous events where the footage had had to be pre-recorded.

"ARK Infosolutions was thrilled to support Sportzwork in delivering an exceptional broadcast of the Hero women golf tournament. LiveU's reliable broadcasting solution, combined with our technical expertise, ensured seamless coverage of this exciting event. Our partnership with LiveU has once again proved to be a winning combination."

Mohan Rawat, AVP Media & Entertainment, ARK Infosolutions PVT LTD

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