Dic 22, 2021

LiveU’s Top 10 Videos of 2021

As we reach the end of 2021, we’ve taken a moment to look back at our video content made during the year: video series, webinars, product overviews, cases studies and more.

It was a tough call but we’ve selected our top 10 videos so if you didn’t get the chance to see them before, hope you enjoy them now 😉

  1. LiveU Remote Production Powers The Basketball Tournament – Tupelo Honey
    In this case study video, Indianapolis-based production company, Tupelo Honey, leveraged our LU800 production-level field unit alongside our Remote Production solution to cover The Basketball Tournament (TBT) broadcasting on ESPN.
  1. LiveU Air Control In Action Full Demo
    Air Control is LiveU’s most recent solution. In this video, Chris Perry, LiveU’s Senior Director of Product Management, gives a full demonstration of how LiveU Air Control works.
  1. REMI Series – LiveU Product Tour & Introduction to REMI
    In this exclusive LiveU video series, we look at live video production using REMI production workflows in our new reality. LiveU’s Janel Fleming goes through a variety of topics that will give you an understanding of how LiveU could be a great addition to your production workflow.
  1. What is LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™)?
    LiveU Reliable Transport, or LRT™, is the video and audio protocol developed over the last decade by LiveU. It is the power behind all LiveU devices and software, used extensively for video transmission, contribution and backhaul, as well as worldwide video distribution over the public internet.
  1. Introducing LiveU 360°
    LiveU 360° is an all-inclusive subscription-based service package – created and tailored for you, meeting the global need for live broadcasts in a unique one-stop-shop. The adaptive turnkey package combines hardware/software, cloud workflow connectivity, unlimited data and value-added services with LiveU’s new fully managed Platinum Service.
  1. Adopting the REMI Production Solution – Customer Testimonials
    LiveU delivers an end-to-end solution for live remote production (REMI) with the highest-quality, reliable live IP video transmission and distribution solutions. Hear from the experts in the field.
  1. Introducing LiveU’s Pay As You Go Program
    LiveU has introduced a Pay-As-you-Go package for production companies that enables you to support clients of all sizes and budgets.
  1. Stay Connected: Live Streaming at the Aquarium
    LiveU’s George Klippel sat down with Executive Producer, Adam Kaplan of ASK Media and explored the company’s commercial production, music videos, and live event business. Plus, ASK Media highlighted the successful Octopuses live remote production they developed for Facebook at the Monterey Bay Aquarium using LiveU technology.
  1. The New Reality of Live Sports Webinars
    LiveU Sports Director Janel Fleming sits down with customers from Callaway Golf, Jetwerx International and L2 Productions to discuss the new reality of producing live sports, the workflows, the gear, and the considerations that need to be made to produce high-quality live productions for primetime viewing and social media consumption.
  1. LiveU’s Non-Live Solutions
    In this video, LiveU’s James Nuzzo talks through some of LiveU’s Non-Live solutions and capabilities for optimizing transferring non-live content back to your production facility, control room, or back to your editors.