Jan 7, 2019

Harnessing Technology for Customer Success

Customer Success is more than just delivering an exceptional product, it is about going the extra mile, taking a holistic approach towards customers. As a follow up to his previous blog, “Desired Outcomes – The Key to Customer Success”, LiveU’s Director of Customer Success, Assaf Shisha-Halevy, explains the role of technology in effective customer success management. 

At LiveU, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the overall experience for our customers with innovative solutions, whether it’s for onboarding or expanding the breadth of use of our products and services.

Technology plays a key role with customers expecting more than just CRM. The simple act of contacting support team members has changed over the years. Whereas the baby boom generation were used to picking up the phone when they needed something, and Generation Xers mostly used email, today’s millennials are different. They expect an immediate experience with interactive engagement, via chat, an app or other tool, as part of a 24/7 service with instant access to their data and statistics.

Here are some of the tools we’re using at LiveU to improve the customer experience as part of our customer success strategy. Transparency is critical for creating trust, and it’s a key value for us, reflected in these tools.

  • PRM (partnership relationship management), giving customers access to all their data whenever they want (during the week or at the weekend), including KPIs. No need to pick up the phone for the latest report, they can find everything at their convenience. Also includes Live Chat for end users, as well as partners, served by our global support teams. We consider this portal as a “Gateway to LiveU” as it provides a complete platform for sales and support tools, including training videos, numerous articles, product updates, documentation, and more.
  • IP-based phone system, recording all the calls, providing statistics, and helping us to improve our response times and quality of service provided over the phone.
  • Online surveys tools for partners and customers; these can be annual, related to event-driven cases or others, checking that we’re “getting it right”!
  • Usage statistics, showing trends and specific metrics related to product usage, based on algorithms; integrating departmental activities for ongoing coordination and upsell opportunities.
  • Automated onboarding, with every new customer receiving information, alerts from Salesforce, and more.
Harnessing Technology for Customer Success - Image 1

We are also evaluating additional tools such as a dedicated support app and AI-based products to enhance our abilities to exceed the expectations of LiveU’s customer base. With so many innovative tools out there, we are carefully evaluating each option and its potential impact on LiveU’s Customer Success methodology and mindset.

In many ways, effective customer success is about finding the balance between people and technology. These tools enable us to actively manage our customer relationships with optimum visibility and improve our processes.