jun 8, 2022

LiveU and Magnum Pioneer Live Transmission on Telcel’s 5G Network

La tecnología LiveU lleva a México a la vanguardia en transmisión en vivo con calidad Full HD o 4K y latencia mínima utilizando redes 5G

LiveU technology brings Mexico to the forefront in live streaming with full HD or 4K quality and minimal latency using 5G networks

LiveU distribution partner, Magnum recently successfully completed the scheduled 5G transmission tests with Telcel, a telecommunications company that owns the 5G infrastructure in Mexico. For the test, Magnum deployed the LU800 multi-cam unit with a LiveU proprietary modem and a SIM card to measure the responsiveness to 5G. The test was deemed a success with Telcel putting this into operation within the largest commercial network in Latin America.

The Federal Institute of Communications (IFT) approved the use of 18 operating concessions in bands ranging between 3550-3450 Mhz. (midband). The unit was placed in different vehicles such as motorcycle, car and on top of a building. The transfers were made in the coverage cell, reaching uplink speeds of 26 Mbps with a single chip.

With the arrival of 5G in Mexico and LiveU’s experience with this cutting-edge technology, the live video transmission scenario in Mexico evolves to a new dimension. “From now on our clients will be able to create live events with 4K quality and multiple video sources, even in motion, with impressive quality and without the need to have macroblocks in the transmission,” said Magnum executive, David Camacho. “Now that the 5G network is in a Non-Stand Alone (NSA) mode, the Telcel strategy is simple, to be able to reach more locations quickly, with Huawei and Ericsson being the main providers of antennas.”

José Luis Reyes, LiveU Vice President for Latin America said, “Mexico has a long history as pioneers in the implementation of LiveU technology. Now with access to the 5G network, the possibilities of live transmission of major sporting, political, social or corporate events in this region will be endless with amazing connectivity and quality.”