ago 16, 2021

15 facts you didn’t know about LiveU

LiveU founders during early days


LiveU was created after one of the founders went to a soccer game and saw the bulky production setup.

LiveU's first office in CEO's basement


The company’s first office was technically the basement of the CEO’s house.

LiveU's technical team testing bandwidth on a train

LiveU’s Director of Technical Services rode the train 3 times from NY to DC to test the bandwidth in anticipation of MSNBC’s live broadcast from the 2008 Obama Train.

LiveU rental equipment during US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election Day is historically LiveU’s biggest event for rentals. We typically break usage records on election day.

Sky News team with LiveU during 2015 General Election

Sky News set a Guinness World Record for the most concurrent live streams during its 2015 General Election coverage using LiveU.

LiveU team at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

A LiveU team climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2013 was the first to stream live from the summit.

LiveU's involvement in Guinness World Records

LiveU helped cover two Guinness World Records: The Flaming Lips “most live shows in different cities in 24 hours” and “The World Circumnavigation Speed Record.”

LiveU's LU-Smart app in the White House Oval Office


LiveU was the first, and the only to date, to broadcast from the White House Oval Office using LU-Smart, our smart phone application.

LiveU broadcasting USS Narcissus wreckage

History was made in 2011 when LiveU brought live coverage of the USS Narcissus wreckage, which was buried under 15 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa Bay.

TV station using LiveU for unique live coverage

In the early days, a TV station in South Bend, IN used LiveU from as many unusual areas as possible, from a plane, while skiing, and from a boat. They won an Emmy for their unique live coverage.

LiveU's role in Virgin Holidays live advertisement

LiveU played an integral role in the first ever 18-location live advertisement for Virgin Holidays in 2017, which aired during the X-Factor on ITV in the UK – and also on Facebook simultaneously.

Behind-the-scenes with LiveU at Stylist Magazine

LiveU helped streamed the creation of an issue of Stylist Magazine over a 24-hour period. The star of the production was the live feed from the “doggie-cam,” which was sent using the new LU-Smart App on an iPhone mounted on the back of the adorable office dog “McNulty.”

LiveU units in Ford and NBC's reality competition series

LiveU participated in a socially-interactive reality competition series presented by Ford and NBC, utilizing LiveU’s portable units to transmit live video from the teams moving Ford Focus and Escape vehicles traveling around the country.

Swiss TV news station reporter using LiveU LU-Smart App for live reporting

A local TV news station in Switzerland uses the LiveU LU-Smart App solution exclusively for its live newsgathering.

LiveU's groundbreaking transmission to Tokyo's Q’s Eye screen at Shibuya crossing

In 2012, LiveU successfully transmitted live video from TEDxTokyo to the Q’s Eye screen above Shibuya crossing – the first time that live video appeared on Tokyo’s iconic outdoor seven-story display.

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