Apr 6, 2022

India Today Enriches its Live Coverage with LiveU’s 5G Multi-Cam Production-Level Solution

Delivering 2-in-1 live broadcasts, LiveU’s LU800 enables India Today TV to select different frames simultaneously for their English and Hindi channels

India Today, India’s leading news network, has increased its deployment of LiveU’s LU800 multi-cam solution across the country for its TV channels’ live coverage, complementing its existing fleet of LiveU live broadcast solutions. The LU800 offers mission-critical reliability and enhanced flexibility for the broadcaster’s daily news, sports and entertainment coverage, with its simultaneous field switching capabilities. The network is deploying LU800 5G units, ready for the 5G network launch in India scheduled for later this year. Round-the-clock service and support are provided by LiveU’s local partner Lamhas Satellite Services Ltd. 

Mr. Mrityunjoy Pal, Asst. Vice President – Broadcast at India Today, said, “We’re really happy with the LU800’s robustness and video performance, especially with its multi-camera capabilities and switcher feature. For example, at a recent event, we were interviewing a leading politician in the run-up to the election. Using the LU800, we had two feeds coming into the station from one unit and our English and Hindi channels had the flexibility to pick different frames instead of the same frame playing on each channel. The LU800 played a key role in providing engaging coverage of the recent election as well as other daily news and events.”

India Today is a longstanding LiveU customer, using a wide range of solutions in the LiveU ecosystem. This includes tens of LU800s and LU600 field units, over 50 LU-Smart mobile apps, as well as IFB intercom production tools. Live content is broadcast direct to India Today’s broadcast channels and online media outlets via the Delhi and Bombay news bureaus, often using remote production (REMI) workflows.

Mr. Pal added, “Our national and international reporters, for example in London, use LiveU field units and the LU-Smart app daily to contribute high-quality video feeds back to our central newsrooms. The stability of the live transmissions is solid, and the LiveU Central management platform makes managing the multiple devices easy. The local support provided by Lamhas and LiveU is excellent as well; we always feel we’re in good hands, whatever the circumstances involved in covering the live event.”

Using the LU800, camera operators can send up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution (1080p50/60, 10-bit HDR) from a single unit to any remote production center – physical or cloud-based. The solution offers the highest reliability and resiliency, leveraging IP bonding of up to 14 connections (cellular, LAN and WiFi).

Mr. Ranjit Bhatti, Senior Director – South Asia, LiveU said, “It’s great to see our LU800 being used in an innovative and cost-effective way for broadcasting live to millions of viewers by India Today, which is one of the most popular television networks in India. This is a fantastic use case, and we look forward to further strengthening our business relationship with them. We’re increasingly seeing the benefits of our multi-camera solution for the news sector, bringing new ways of covering the news for greater viewer engagement and reach.”