Aug 14, 2023

The power of LiveU in a cloud studio

We’ve often talked about the inherent agility afforded by IP-bonding, with that agility powering new attitudes and capabilities when it comes to content gathering. As we’ve continued to expand the LiveU EcoSystem, via both breakthrough hardware launches – the multi-cam LU800 being a prime example – and the evolution of the multitude of cloud services we now provide, agility is always front and centre in what we create for our customers. It has to be given the frenetically paced, highly dynamic market that is today’s media and entertainment technology (MET) space.

It will come as little surprise, then, that agility was a key word when it came to designing LiveU Studio. It’s a fully cloud-native IP video live production solution, allowing the creation of additional content across a myriad of media channels. We all know that consumers of online content have a veracious appetite, with time-to-air crucial, and that requires agility with producers needing to be able to respond quickly to current events. LiveU Studio can sit alongside existing primary content workflows and leverage deployed assets for extra production. From any web browser, journalists/content producers can create and control shows, applying flexible, easy-to-use features for video switching, graphics and audio, and managing remote guests, before distributing the content to up to 30 different publishing destinations.

It’s the first cloud-native SaaS live video production service to natively support LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport), offering a fully scalable, on-demand, solution designed with digital distribution in mind. Using LRT™ to go from ground to cloud also maximises the overall “network effect” benefits of this protocol, ensuring IP video workflows provide greater adaptability than traditional ones, and delivering the efficiency, robustness and reliability needed for a high-quality seamless viewing experience.

LiveU Studio provides a usage-based model, allowing customers to easily and swiftly respond to higher, or lower, volumes, so they never pay for what they don’t need as they are always in control. Being 100% cloud-native and browser-based ensures customers can be up and running from day one. Deployment at any time is very fast, meaning events can be reacted to very quickly, like news, failovers and so on. It also allows users to scale their live online presence at a moment’s notice with decentralised worldwide collaborators. With LiveU Studio, producers automatically have the latest version ready to go. Even new operators can ramp up very quickly, using intuitive vision mixing and creative templates, letting them focus on the story they want to tell, driving engagement. Designed to sit alongside a customer’s current capabilities, LiveU Studio is packed with features that add value to content, helping users shorten the time to publish, satisfying the constant desire for more content.

There are multiple production benefits when using LiveU Studio, benefits that are vital in today’s MET sector: increased monetisation; expanded distribution; and the ability to produce more content more quickly. It’s super easy to create more content for audiences that are increasingly scattered across digital media. Simply put, it lets customers create more for less cost, time and fewer resources.
Viewers and fans can connect with content in new and exciting ways. Suitable for multiple use cases, such as locker room celebrations, practice games, 24/7 pop-up channels or CEO messages, LiveU Studio makes content more accessible and engaging so they keep coming back for more.

In other recent news, we’ve partnered with Digital Video Technologies (DVT) New Zealand to drive regional growth. With over 25 years of experience, DVT provides complete digital production solutions to the NZ production, post-production and visual effects market. DVT will promote LiveU’s broadcast and sports video solutions in New Zealand, offering local support and logistics.

As we gear up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, DVT’s expertise and on-site support will play an important role in supporting broadcasters and rightsholders during the tournament. As in Qatar, where LiveU was vital for the international broadcasters, we’re looking forward to bringing the sporting spectacle to fans all over the world. We’re delighted to have an amazing partner on the ground helping us deliver the levels of service and support our customers have come to expect.

For more information on our solutions for the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, visit:

First published in InBroadcast