LiveU DataBridge

LiveU DataBridge

LiveU DataBridge

Bonded Wireless / Broadband for Data-on-the-Go

LiveU’s DataBridge offers resilient high-speed mobile broadband connectivity for any device in any location by bonding together multiple cellular and other data connections.

Data Bridgeinternet

Internet Connectivity 

LiveU DataBridge uses LiveU cellular bonding technology to turn LiveU field units into ultra-powerful mobile hotspots for internet connectivity from the field. DataBridge is available as a as a dedicated hotspot unit or as a software upgrade for existing units, enabling users to work in video, files of or DataBridge mode.

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  • Seamless bonded pipe for general data connectivity (upload and download)
  • Highest bandwidth - supporting up to 100Mbps on the LU600
  • Highest possible service availability from anywhere
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet input options 
  • Full mobility

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