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The LiveU family of products

Constantly providing new ways to deliver non-stop live video coverage

With LiveU’s complete family of 3G/4G/5G bonded uplink products, more options are available for live news and event coverage. All LiveU products connect with LiveU Central, enabling control rooms to manage multiple incoming video feeds and content simply and effectively from units operating in different locations.

All-in-one production-level field unit for live news and sports coverage


The new portable unit for global newsgathering and live sports


Compact HEVC Field Unit for On-the-Go Live Streaming

Ultra-small unit for daily newsgathering and online broadcasts

Best-in-class ‘plug and play’ live streaming bonding solution

The external antenna array for broadcasting in extreme scenarios

Allows broadcasters to extend their coverage using smartphones


Fast and reliable file transfer and live video via your laptop

LiveU's Versatile Hybrid Video Uplink Solutions for Vehicles and Fixed Locations

Best in class video encoder

Powerful Compact HEVC Video Encoder

LiveU's 4K HEVC Hybrid Rack Mount Encoder for Vehicles and Fixed Locations

Bonded Video Receiver

4K HEVC Video Receiver

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