About us

About us

LiveU's EcoSystem is our set of innovative IP-video solutions, designed to add efficiency and shorten workflows across the entire video production chain – from contribution and production to distribution. Enabling you to create more, for less, while reducing content creation complexity. At the core of our EcoSystem is LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) for rock-solid resiliency.

Setting Live Free

The LiveU EcoSystem is always at-your-service, adding quality, adaptability and efficiency to your live productions. It reduces complexity, so you can focus on sustainable, creative storytelling while overcoming budgetary limitations. Our innovative solutions enable you to create, produce and share high quality, live video – from anywhere to anywhere – for less effort, cost and time.

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    • Rock-solid reliability, powered by LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport)

    • Richer high-quality 5G, 4K video and multi-angle storytelling capabilities

    • Best-in-class technology, increasing production value

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    • Easily accessible IP-video solutions and business models

    • Future-proof, agile and flexible, adapting to your changing needs (cloud/on-prem/hybrid)

    • IP+: highly compatible and interoperable with other best-of-breed solutions and IP protocols

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    • Simpler, lower cost solutions compared to traditional methods

    • Faster and easier to deploy, enabling more content to be created for less

    • Putting you in control and shortening your production workflows

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