Satellite Solutions

Satellite Solutions

Satellite Solutions

LiveU is partnering with all leading satellite communications operators and players to allow news teams to enjoy the benefits of both satellite and cellular networks for live newsgathering.

The integrated solution, centrally operated via the LiveU interface, offers broadcasters and news agencies a robust, high performance hybrid solution for live video transmission in diverse locations.

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Intersection of Market Trends

With the continuing development of cellular technology, the ability to go live on the move or from remote locations is becoming standard among top tier broadcasters. Many news agencies are using this innovative technology to complement their existing satellite systems.

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Hybrid Field Solutions

While units such as the LU500 have shown high resiliency in rural areas, many newsgathering teams also stock their field kits with portable satellite terminals for guaranteed bandwidth in extremely remote locations. LiveU field units and software solutions include satellite connectivity for these cases.

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