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LiveU Sports enables athletic teams and programs transmit compelling live video content such as live games, sideline interviews, press conferences and clips from practice.


LiveU field units harness the power of a satellite truck in a small, easy-to-use, backpack for end-to-end production and distribution, making it simple for sports production teams to broadcast live events and post highlights quickly. Sports broadcasters and teams throughout the world are using LiveU solutions to keep their fans engaged year round with everything from live championships to off-season updates.

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High Profile Games

With LiveU, you can transmit full games and competitions in HD directly to the web or to TV from any location, without the need for satellite trucks or deploying a hardwired connection.

LiveU units transmit the video to your studio or directly to your existing online video provider .


Expand Viewership

LiveU makes it easy for schools, conferences, and leagues to broadcast games that they haven't had the resourses to previously cover. This gives fans of all sports access to their favorite teams games and matches. 

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Exclusive Content

With LiveU devices, you can transmit live video from team events such as locker room, the team bus, special events, pressers, pre and post game shows, and more. You can send live video while moving around and without being tethered.

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Beat Congestion

With tens of thousands of fans using cellular devices the local towers can quickly reach capacity. 

With the LiveU Xtender broadcasters can boost their cellular uplink bandwidth, or connect to a network outside of their local cellular cluster, overcoming even the most congested networks.