Roaming Solutions

Roaming Solutions

Hassle-Free Live Broadcasts from up to 185 Countries

LiveU’s roaming solution is designed to provide our customers with the best and most reliable roaming experience. The solution offers fully integrated hybrid roaming capabilities for hassle-free local and global operation.  

Roaming Solutions

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Built-in Global Roaming

LiveU offers dual-SIM modems, turning every LU600 into a hybrid local and global unit - ready to roam instantly. Any or all SIMs can be switched to roaming at the push of a button with simple management. Cellular networks can be automatically or manually allocated to the roaming SIMs based on broadcaster preferences.   

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Cost Effective Data Packages

LiveU offers global and EU based data coverage in over 185 countries worldwide, including two or three operators in each country. LiveU's roaming data packages allow pooling between two or more units and limits can be set on each roaming SIM for the most efficient data usage possible.


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Technical Advantages

  • 4G and LTE-Advanced network support
  • Up to 10Mbps uplink
  • Optimized network operator pairing on roaming SIMs - achieving the highest potential bandwidth and optimal resiliency.
  • Worldwide support from LiveU partners
  • Optional short term rentals for breaking international news


European Roaming LiveU EU Roaming LiveU Global Roaming
Throttling at over usage/data capping Yes Unlimited Unlimited
Supported countries 33 33 168
Roaming period per year Up to 2 months Unlimited Unlimited
% of data package allowed for roaming Up to 70% 100% 100%
Over usage – depending on operator

Very expensive
(based on initial feedback)

Affordable Affordable


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