Satellite Solutions

Satellite Solutions

LiveU is making it easier and more cost-effective for customers to cover news and events live wherever they are in the world by combining LiveU’s HEVC bonding technology with Satellite connectivity service.

This solution gives customers “the best of both worlds” – a robust hybrid live solution that fits their production needs, streamlines the workflow, and simplifies the billing structure.

Satellite Solutions

Satellitepic Park Backpack


With LiveU, broadcasters don’t need to choose between cellular bonding and Satellite to ensure a reliable, high-quality feed every time – it simply happens automatically based on the lowest cost available bandwidth.

 Photo Courtesy of Approx Media

Cellular Satellite Web


Get the gear globally: LiveU sales teams, resellers, and distributors around the world can supply the gear you need to deliver the best offering tailored to your needs. 

On the peak of Kilimanjaro


Watch all of our clips from the Kilimanjaro expedition on Youtube.

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