Aug 30, 2017

LiveU At-Home Production Model Helps Quincy Media Cover More Ground

Local affiliates produce more live remote content and reduce operational costs

Broadcasters are always looking for ways to expand their reach and provide more live coverage from remote locations, but budgets don’t always make that possible. Family-owned Quincy Media adopted a LiveU Wireless At-Home Production solution to bring more live events to its affiliate audiences in a cost-effective way.

“We are very strong in every one of our local news markets. We’ve always done sports and weather live remotes, but wanted to do more live local coverage,” said Brady Dreasler, Director of Engineering at Quincy Media. “Doing live remotes can be very expensive and takes time to set up and prepare for. We’ve implemented LiveU’s At-Home Solution and have already seen a significantly reduction in staff hours.”

The LiveU Wireless At-Home Production Solution removes the need to bring a satellite or production truck onsite for remote events. Instead, Quincy affiliates send four cameras and LiveU portable transmission units onsite and then produce and distribute the live content from a centralized studio using their robust team of directors, producers, and graphics resources, all of whom no longer need to travel to the event being produced.

Most recently, one of the affiliate markets covered a high school basketball game between two rival schools. The crew showed up two hours before the game and then spent 30 minutes tearing down the equipment at the end. Historically, the station would have spent 80 hours planning for such an event.

“We had a great telecast using our powerful in-house resources and the quality matched what we’d get from a satellite truck. This makes sense for our local live coverage,” noted Dreasler.  

“At-home production offers a cost-effective way to produce high-quality live content from anywhere,” said Mike Savello, LiveU’s VP of Sales. “Quincy Media is able to focus on covering more live events, while saving money and time planning them.”

So far, Quincy Media affiliates have produced two basketball games and three local parades. They have a specific plan to do more live remotes over the next 12 months.

To learn more about LiveU Wireless At-Home Production, visit http://get.liveu.tv/at-home/.