Jul 18, 2021

LiveU Go Plan

The LiveU Go-Plan gives broadcasters the opportunity to maximize their content gathering potential by providing LiveU software access to unlimited users within the organization. Broadcasters are able to purchase a pool of data every month for use among as many LU-Smart and/or LU-Lite devices as they need. Now everyone, from production assistant to journalist to camera person can go live at anytime from anywhere in the world.

How the Go-Plan Works

  1. Choose your Go-Plan Package
    Contact your LiveU Distributor and select the data plan that’s right for your organization. To locate your local distributor, visit our Sales-Channels page.
  2. Download your device application
    1. LU-Smart – LiveU’s Smartphone Application
      Can be downloaded right to your mobile device from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. LU-Smart requires Android version 4.2.2 and later or iOS 6 and later.
    2. LU-Lite – LiveU’s MacBook Application
      Once enrolled in the Go-Plan, you will be able to recieve LU-Lite software and the unlimited license code from your LiveU presales representative
  3. The registration process can be performed either by sending an e-mail/SMS invitation or just by sharing an association key provided in LiveU Central.