LiveU DataBridge

LiveU DataBridge

Wireless High-speed Broadband On-the-Go

LiveU’s DataBridge offers resilient high-speed mobile broadband connectivity for any device in any location. The service enables generic internet connectivity for download and upload of files and videos as well as bi-directional data traffic for any internet-based application such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook and VPNs.

LiveU DataBridge

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Internet Connectivity 

LiveU’s DataBridge boosts connectivity and productivity by leveraging multiple networks, including cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and satellite, providing a high capacity, resilient internet link. 

DataBridge is available as a dedicated hotspot unit or as part of LiveU’s existing LU800, LU600, LU300 and LU610 units. The service can be activated cost-effectively with no need to deploy an additional gateway or by leveraging a cloud-based or on-premise gateway. 

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  • Best connectivity with minimal delay across different internet scenarios (video, file sharing, VPN etc.)
  • Highest possible service availability from anywhere
  • Cost-effective option - no gateway needed  
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet input options 
  • Full mobility

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LiveU’s multipath DataBridge service is being considered as one of the enabling technologies for the fifth generation of wireless systems in the EU 5GPPP research project, 5G-Xcast. 5G-Xcast is focused on Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems and LiveU is an active partner in this cutting-edge pan-European project.

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