LiveU AI

LiveU AI

Story-centric AI service for global newsgathering

Put together a compelling story in a matter of minutes. Powered by newsbridge, LiveU AI offers broadcasters and publishers a comprehensive set of contribution and AI-based video indexing tools for searching, accessing and optimizing their live or file-based content. With our flexible pricing model, you can simply choose the AI features you need.

LiveU AI

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LiveU AI eases your daily workload and makes real-time and post-production much more efficient. Find, edit and sort footage instantly, using a range of search elements, such as people, interviews, scenes, objects, speeches and more, and get the video transcribed and translated in less than 20 seconds.

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Integrated with your existing NRCS (newsroom computer system) and MAM (media asset management) systems, LiveU AI fits seamlessly into your media workflow.

LiveU AI is a core component of LiveU’s Central unified management platform. Acting as the facilitator, LiveU Central captures and integrates all the live streams into your workflow, selecting only the relevant, pre-defined content to go through the AI engine.

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  • Instant automatic transcription (speech-to-text) – 16 languages
  • Visual recognition (face and image) – individual or several individuals simultaneously
  • Video indexing (labeling)
  • Translations – 16 languages
  • Metadata enrichment – with tags and labels added in real-time
  • Cloud recording
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