LiveU Matrix

LiveU Matrix

Next-Gen Cloud Video Management and Distribution Platform


Designed by broadcasters for broadcasters, LiveU Matrix is an essential tool that works for the newsroom; making live content management simple and affordable.


Combining a powerful front-end with a reliable IP cloud-based transport layer, LiveU Matrix seamlessly integrates into your daily workflows, allowing your news teams to share live feeds with multiple internal and cross-organizational end-points. 


Offered as a fully managed service, LiveU Matrix gives you the peace-of-mind to focus on what you do best – content creation.

LiveU Matrix

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Used by tier 1 broadcasters and leading content creators worldwide, LiveU Matrix offers cost-effective and reliable live content distribution over the public internet with significant cost savings compared to traditional contribution and distribution methods.

Only minimal infrastructure is required to set up new content sources and destinations – allowing you to replace SAT dishes and IRDs with backpacks, rack-mount encoders and servers.


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LiveU Matrix lets you easily manage live content contribution and distribution. The intuitive web-based platform is simple to get started with a “Drag & Drop” mechanism allowing you to share content in just a few clicks. Based on common satellite distribution models, Matrix can be seamlessly introduced into your content gathering workflows, with a close to zero learning curve.

Accessible from any device, the powerful front-end GUI includes holistic and comprehensive view of all live feeds and offers a wide range of content discovery tools.


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Matrix has been built from the ground up to support well-established content sharing models with intuitive, broadcaster-oriented modes of operation. These include large affiliate networks or press agencies, media/ownership groups, national broadcasters as well as smaller local loop or event pools, and local/global content syndicators.

LiveU Matrix lets you receive/share any type of live content: LiveU originated or other (satellite, fiber etc.).


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Sharing and managing your live content was never easier! LiveU Matrix is a fully managed service backed by a 24x7 NOC, leveraging the power of the Cloud. Hardware and bandwidth requirements at the edge are minimal, and a variety of powerful encoder and decoder options mean you can install the exact number of channels required for your content management needs.

Matrix is simple to set up without new or dedicated hardware required. All LiveU gear is Matrix-ready, allowing you to expand your content sharing capabilities quickly and affordably.





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