The LiveU EcoSystem

The LiveU EcoSystem

The LiveU EcoSystem is our set of innovative IP-video solutions, designed to add efficiency and shorten workflows for any live video production. It helps you create more, for less, while reducing content creation complexity. Open and flexible, the EcoSystem offers a high degree of compatibility and integration with other best-of-breed technologies – enabling you to elevate your production value to new heights, captivating and growing your audiences with creative live content.

Across the three production pillars

The LiveU EcoSystem spans the entire video production chain, from contribution and production to distribution.


The LiveU EcoSystem is always at-your-service, adding quality, adaptability and efficiency at every step of your live productions.

  • Quality

    Cutting-edge resilient 5G, 4K solutions – supporting richer multi-angle storytelling, increasing production value and driving engagement.

  • Adaptability

    Easily accessible, future-proof solutions and business models, which are flexible enough to cope with changing needs and environments.

  • Efficiency

    Simpler, faster, lower cost and easier to deploy solutions, letting you create more content for less.

LRT™ – The foundation of the LiveU EcoSystem

LRT™ – The foundation of the LiveU EcoSystem

Reliability first! LRT™ is the power behind all LiveU solutions, enabling efficient video transport, low latency and rock- solid reliability over any wire-free networks.


LRT™ powers hybrid and agile workflows, on-prem and cloud deployments as well as broadcast and digital workflows.

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