Delivering content at the highest quality is paramount for broadcasters and content creators alike. That’s where LRT™ comes in. LiveU’s LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol is the power behind all LiveU solutions, ensuring rock-solid reliability over cellular and other IP networks.

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What is LRT™?

What is LRT™?

LiveU Reliable Transport, or LRT™, is the video and audio delivery protocol developed over the last decade by LiveU, the inventor and patent holder of cellular bonding. The LRT™ protocol supports low latency, high resiliency video and audio transmission and was built from the ground up to accommodate the special properties of 4G/5G cellular as well as more traditional wireless and wired networks. In particular, LRT™ is optimized to support the bonding of multiple IP connections.

LRT™ ingredients

LRT™ ingredients

Optimized for bonded IP transmission, LRT™ ensures top reliability and bandwidth consistency across the most challenging cellular networks. While other resiliency protocols use only one or two techniques, LRT™ applies multiple resiliency techniques simultaneously such as Packet Ordering, Acknowledge & Resend, Dynamic Forward Error Corrections and Adaptive Bitrate Encoding.

Take a deeper dive
Take a deeper dive

Take a deeper dive

For a more in-depth look at LRT™, download our white paper to learn how it can enable you to capture exciting live content in even the most remote locations.

Why LRT™?

Several other resilient transport protocols are available in the market today. How does LRT™ compare?


Suitable for Wired & Cellular Networks

  • Ideal for cellular and hybrid transmission with IP bonding at its core
  • Fully adaptive protocol, optimized to support video delivery over fluctuating cellular networks such as LTE and 5G


Highly Cost-Effective

  • LRT™ lets you manage priority between different networks such as cellular, WiFi, LAN and satellite
  • Utilizing the lower cost networks first to reduce overall transmission cost


Ultimate Resiliency

  • Highly accurate end-to-end latency creates predictable workflows without burdening you with optimization and configuration steps
  • Excellent performance under challenging bandwidth conditions

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