ESG at LiveU

ESG at LiveU

Your partner for a sustainable future

ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) represents the three pillars of corporate sustainability for a better future. LiveU's goal is to create a positive impact in each pillar with a comprehensive ESG strategy and clearly defined targets.

Taking action

Taking action

In many ways, LiveU IP bonding and cloud-based solutions are “greener-by-nature”, facilitating sustainable live productions for our customers.

We are now taking steps to reduce our own environmental footprint at the operational level across our global offices. We also strive to ensure the highest levels of employee wellbeing, while giving back to the community, being more eco-friendly and engaging in ethical business practices.


Our ESG journey

Our ESG journey

From its inception, LiveU technology and solutions have been about facilitating greater efficiency in live production. That is the core of our bonded transmission evolution, helping customers to reduce both costs and their environmental footprint.

In 2022, we formally embarked on our own internal journey to consciously embed Environmental and Social goals and targets into the company’s strategy and daily operations. With management commitment, we appointed a dedicated Head of ESG, engaged with consultants, and formalized our company practices.


Bringing together our employees, technology and supply chain

Bringing together our employees, technology and supply chain

We see this as an evolving journey to positively impact the world in which we operate, delivering these ESG values to our customers, partners, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

While our initiatives will not solve global issues, we are committed to setting a strong example in the industry, believing that every effort counts (such as packaging materials recycling).


Concrete steps towards a sustainable future

Concrete steps towards a sustainable future

Processes have now been introduced to identify, monitor, develop and integrate our activities across all three ESG areas. It is sometimes difficult to quantify “soft” ESG practices, and it is challenging to address the full scope of these areas. However, we do believe that a holistic approach, encompassing daily practices, is critical within the broader context.

The following sections provide an overview and some of the quantifiable targets we’ve set for ourselves.


Highlights and targets for 2024

  • ESG Management

    Developed policies, processes, employee engagement, Board Level awareness, ESG reporting, paperless collateral, reusable booths, etc.

  • Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency

    Monitor energy consumption, report to CDP, set reduction goals, target 10% reduction (normalized) in power consumption.

  • Supply Chain ESG Management

    Target ESG evaluation of 50% of our main upstream and downstream suppliers.

  • Packaging Recycling

    Target 90% of our products/shipping materials to be recyclable.

  • Optimizing Cloud Operations

    Target 10% reduction (normalized) in our cloud operations (reducing instances, uptime, etc.).

  • Sustainable Offices

    Renovations including E/V charging stations, local furniture, recycled materials, efficient A/C-heating, hybrid working, waste separation, etc.


Highlights and targets for 2024

  • Holistic Annual Social Plan

    Set goals, monitor execution, and provide feedback covering 80% of our activities for employees and the community.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    An integral, consistent part of LiveU's business conduct.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    Safety, career development, on-site/offsite activities, benefits, teams and departmental activities, hybrid working, training, work-life balance etc.

  • Giving Back to the Community

    Implement LiveU Annual Volunteer Plan (employee involvement in local charities, at least 3 campaigns), donations (employees and company), technical broadcast support for environmental causes.

  • Business Mentoring

    Working with start-up leaders, students and others on a volunteer basis.

  • Broadcast Industry Sponsorships

    Celebrating women in the industry, support for freelance newsgatherers.


  • Code of Business Conduct

  • Corporate Governance Policy

  • Ongoing Financial Risk Management

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