Live from Italy!

Guest blog by Luca Rovinalti, CEO Svět Solutions s.r.o.

Broadcasting the emotions of a mainstream concert to people is a difficult task, but we achieved this goal with the help of LiveU technology.

On July 1st, 2017 we’ve covered Vasco Rossi’s concert at Modena Park, with the record number of 220 thousand tickets sold, with a massive crowd of people gathering around the city of Modena (Italy) weeks before the concert.

Due to its size, the event was covered live by the main national television broadcasters. Svět solutions was also a part of the excitement, making live broadcasting for one of the main Italian television newscasters during the week before the concert, including streaming of interviews and exclusive content.

On the event day, when our crew finally got on stage, we enjoyed the breathtaking view of the crowd, as you can see from the picture with our cameraman, Max Martini. 

Live from Italy! - Image 1

Live broadcasting from extremely crowded places, especially in Southern Europe, can be a challenging task. To successfully live stream such events you must combine compact equipment, capable to provide HD quality and sufficiently independent with batteries, as well as to have a powerful data connection capable of supporting the HD content to be used on news or TV programs.

We decided to rely on LiveU’s LU200 unit since it is one of the most compact units in the market, that can be easily powered with V-Lock batteries, a fact that gives quite good life power to the device and a good streaming quality in HD.

Using all the slots available on the device, with five data sim cards, we managed to get a good data connection at all times, providing valuable contributions before the main event, and streaming people’s emotions on the national TV during the concert, making unforgettable moments available also to those following the event from home.

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